Preventative Health Care

Puppy & Kitten: In their first year of life puppies and kittens should have a series of three vaccinations starting between 6 – 8 weeks of age.   These vaccines will be boosted a year later.  Subsequent boosters are scheduled for every three years.

Annual Wellness: Due to the fact that our pets age so much faster than we do annual wellness appointments are encouraged.  At this time we do a full physical exam which includes such procedures as listening to your pets heart and lungs, checking eyes, ears and teeth and addressing any other concerns you might have.  For those pets that are going to be visiting boarding facilities we  offer Kennel Cough (Bordetella) vaccinations annually.

Rx: We also have a full in clinic pharmacy which includes prescription medications, as well as a variety of parasite control.

Surgical Services

We offer a wide range of surgeries. Our routine surgeries include ovariohysterectomies (spay) and orchiectomies/ castration (neuter). Our more complex surgeries include a full exploratory (to remove a foreign object, or to look for masses to remove/ biopsy), urogenital surgeries (bladder stone removal), soft tissue surgeries and more. All our patients go onto intravenous fluids, and are continually monitored by our qualified staff during surgery and recovery.

Dental Services

A healthy mouth is very important to our pets, which means dental cleanings can become a necessity. Cleanings consist of scaling off calculus, checking for problematic teeth (loose, or broken), and polishing.  Dental x-rays can be taken if necessary to facilitate extractions or diagnose issues within the oral cavity.  Most dental issues can be dealt with in clinic, but referral to to a dental surgeon can be provided if needed.


Bloodwork: Our in-clinic equipment is capable of running complete blood counts and a wide range of serum biochemistry parameters.

Urinalysis: We also offer in house urinalysis including dipstick and microscopic urine sediment analysis.

Cytology: Tissue and fluid samples from lumps, ears, wounds etc. can be analyzed at the cellular level to aid in establishing a diagnosis and directing subsequent treatment decisions.


Our clinic is equipped with digital radiography allowing for timely interpretation and sharing of your animals radiographs.

Nutrition Services

Our main food provider is Royal Canin. We are proud to offer food made and sourced in Canada. They offer a wide range of maintenance and speciality diets.

Other Services

We do our best to fill-in the “other services” required by the Fernie community. Some of these include: inserting microchips, sedating and shaving some of our really matted friends, nails trims, expressing anal glands and more..